Is Your Google Plus Local (Google Places) Church Listing ranking when someone does a Local Search?

How Churches Can use Google Plus to Spread the GospelIn case you’re not familiar with Google plus, it’s Google’s very own social network. it’s very similar to Facebook in many ways, but offers far more search engine benefits that Facebook or any other social networking site.

For the past few years, Churches and ministries have been planning, strategizing, and doing their best to maximize Facebook and twitter for many uses: Congregation communication, awareness, and spreading the love of Christ.

Now with Google Plus on the scene, there are many ways Churches can use Google Plus to spread the gospel. Here are just a few below…

Google Circles

The inherent design of Google Plus is perfect. The Circle’s approach to grouping social connections pushes social networking into more of a tool, rather than a public forum. Circles will work great for Church office communication and would also work great for pastors and ministers, too. This would enable both clergy and staff to directly communicate with each other, as well as the congregation members, family, and friends, without making everything public.

When using circles, only the people in your circle can see your content. So if you have a circle for “Church Members” and a circle for “best Friends”, neither of the two would see your content unless their in both circles.

Google Hangouts (Vidoe)

I love Google hangouts. When I was involved with the Empower Network, we used them all the time for training members on advanced internet marketing strategies for business. And almost all of Hangouts had thousands of people viewing them live at one time.

Although, ‘Hangout’ doesn’t sound very professional, it appeals to the younger generation very well because it sounds like what you do on a Saturday evening. However, Hangouts are great for videoconferencing! You can stay in closer touch with missionaries on the field, conduct meetings with Churches that have multiple campuses, as well as conduct off-site meetings. You can also just host a fun live event for the un-churched where you give your testimony of how Christ changed your life. I think that be more beneficial than them all.

Google Apps

Google already has a host of great tools. Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Calendar are some of the tools that are used by many Churches and organizations, both small and big on a regular basis. Google apps has become the backbone application suite for many!

The Google Plus makes communicating with the church or the un-churched that much more easier because you have access to them at the palm of your hand. Me personally, I hardly ever use my computer to use Google plus, I always use it from my iphone. Right from my mobile phone, I’m able to communicate with everyone in my circles. And the best part about it is, anytime someone in my circles does a Google search for something, just because they are connected to me – Google will show my posts or article first.

Which brings me more traffic to my website, and more people who subscribe to my blog. That’s why is vital that all churches and ministries be using Google plus to spread the gospel.

So what ways are you using Google Plus for your ministry? Let me know in the comments below.


Maurice Lindsay

Maurice Lindsay is the CEO and Head Digital Marketing Consultant here at Maurice Media Group.

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